Oasis Signature Massage


We invite you to experience the ultimate pleasure of our classic full body Swedish massage. Long kneading strokes promote complete relaxation and heightened well being. Take a deep breath and relax!

90 min. - $100.00

60 min. - $75.00

30 min. - $45.00


Add Aromatherapy or Biofreeze - $5.00



Deep Tissue Massage


This highly therapeutic massage incorporates Swedish techniques with deeper, more direct pressure on specific muscle groups. This treatment will assist in releasing tightness, reducing pain, and eliminating deep tension. Recommended for those with specific muscular pain.

90 min. - $115.00 / 60 min. - $85.00 / 30 min. - $50.00


Add Aromatherapy or Biofreeze - $5.00



Head, Neck, and Back Massage


This massage focuses on releasing tension and pain in the neck, shoulders and back areas providing instant relaxation.


60 min. - $75.00 / 30 min. - $45.00


Add Aromatherapy or Biofreeze - $5.00


Mother-To-Be Massage


Massage for a pregnant woman is something that can be very special and beneficial to both her and her child. Using a side lying technique, and plenty of pillows, the lady in waiting can be massaged safely and comfortably throughout every stage of her pregnancy.


60 min. - $75.00 / 30 min. - $45.00



Sports Massage


This treatment will benefit anyone with an active lifestyle by helping to promote greater flexibility, removing muscle fatigue, improving endurance, preventing injury and preparing the athlete to compete at their absolute best.


60 min. - $75.00 / 30 min. - $45.00



Pain Management Therapy


Let our massage therapy specialists work with you to relieve chronic or acute pain caused by inflammation or damage arising from injury, stress or disease. By utilizing various types of massage you will experience greater joint movement and range of motion, an increase of blood and lymph flow to muscles and tissues and an overall sense of health and well being.


60 min. - $75.00 / 30 min. - $45.00



Pure Bliss Massage


Melt into an altered state as hot stones are placed along the chakras, between the toes and along the tense muscles of the back while you are renewed with a full body massage.


90 min. - $115.00 / 60 min. - $85.00

Add Aromatherapy - $5.00



Aromatherapy Massage

Your choice of a therapeutic oil blend.

60 min. - $75.00 / 30 min. $45.00


Raindrop Therapy


The ultimate aromatherapy treatment! This technique incorporates nine different essential oils that will uplift, calm and ground the spirit. They are also highly anti-bacterial which increases detoxification within the body. Hot stones are used to facilitate oil absorption and a Swedish massage completes your journey to paradise.

75 min. - $100.00



Thai Yoga Massage

This ancient healing art combines gentle stretching and movement along with massage on specific energy lines to provide a dynamic and relaxing experience. This unique treatment is done fully clothed on a floor mat and is adaptable to many conditions and body types.  *subject to therapist availability.

60 min. - $85.00 / 90 min. - $115.00 / 120 min. - $140.00



Myofascial Release Treatment

A gentle form of bodywork that can lead to profound relaxation and lasting relief from pain.

*subject to therapist availability

60 min. - $75.00



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